We are still available for you - current information about the coronavirus (COVID-19)

We are still available for you - current information about the coronavirus (COVID-19)

The coronavirus (COVID-19) has become the dominant topic in Europe and the world in recent days. We at ROHDE have actively followed the reports from governments, the health authorities and the Robert Koch Institute to be able to make decisions in this constantly and rapidly developing situation.

We see it as our social responsibility to make our contribution to the general health and the relaxation of the situation in Germany and Europe even in these extraordinary times. Slowing the spread of the virus, relieving the burden on the health system and thereby protecting the elderly and the weak is now a top priority. Therefore, we are trying to minimise the contact.

We are still there for you!

At ROHDE, operations at both locations are currently running normally under the given conditions, so far we have no corona cases in any of our operations.

Below you will find a summary of the most important information about our arrangements, the previous restrictions and some FAQs for you.

Precautions I - Germany

At our location in Prutting, we have reduced our on-site team to a minimum and increased hygiene precautions. Our head office is staffed and a few employees for administration, service and the delivery of spare parts are still on site. All other employees are working from home. This significantly reduces the risk of infection or spread and the ongoing operations do not have to be interrupted if, for example, suspicious cases should arise in our workforce, or their families or the surrounding area.

So, you can still - according to the current status - contact us within the normal opening hours, both via the known extension numbers of our customer advisers and at our headquarters on +49 8036 67 49 76-10 or by email to info@rohde-online.net.

Incoming e-mails are being read, processed and answered as usual by all colleagues - whether in the office or at home - and orders and order confirmations are also being created and sent as usual. Due to the unusual situation, there may be delays in individual processes in the coming days.

The current status (17.03.2020) is that we are not yet affected by the disaster declared in Bavaria and will, therefore, continue to do business with the above-mentioned restrictions.

Arrangements II - Czech Republic

At our location in Dyjákovice, our focus is on implementing the safety instructions of the WHO and the local authorities in to protect the health of our employees at our production site as well as possible and to maintain production.

Due to the high proportion of craftsmanship in production, we can not rely on measures such as home office, but only ensure compliance with all precautionary measures to keep the risk of infection of our employees as low as possible.

As of March 17, 2020, the restrictions in the Czech Republic are significantly more severe than in Germany. Nevertheless, work is currently continuing in the production plant and heavy goods and goods traffic to and from the Czech Republic is also currently possible. Due to the different requirements in the target countries, there may already be delivery delays. Please contact your local specialist.


The increasing restrictions in Germany, the Czech Republic and the neighbouring countries make it impossible to predict the future. In the coming days, we will therefore always assess the current situation and reassess how it is developing.

This is an unprecedented and unique situation that has to be coped with. We will continue to closely monitor what is happening and will keep you updated on new developments.

If you have any questions, we are of course always available.

Stay at home and pursue your beautiful craft or hobby pottery, if possible on your own. Stay healthy and wherever possible - enjoy the results!


Can I contact ROHDE for advice on kilns or questions about products?

Of course, we are happy to answer any questions about our products at any time by email to info@rohde-online.net or by phone on +49 8036 67 49 76-10. Most of our local specialists can also be contacted by phone or email and can help you with any questions. You can find a local specialist near you at https://www.rohde-online.net/en/fachHaendlerKarte

Can I also order a kiln directly from ROHDE if I cannot reach my local specialist due to the current restrictions?

We work closely with the specialist trade and do not sell our products directly. We will not change anything at this special time. Nevertheless, you can, of course, contact us directly if you cannot reach your local specialist. We will take the order and take care of the processing with a local specialist in your area. We are happy to assist you by email to info@rohde-online.net or on +49 8036 67 49 76-10.

I need a spare part or service on my kiln.

Our supply of spare parts and the dispatch of spare parts are guaranteed at the current status. If the situation changes due to official requirements, we will immediately adjust the information here.
Service assignments are currently only possible in emergencies and within Germany due to the restrictions on entry and exit from the country.

Are kilns currently still being produced and shipped?

Our production in the Czech Republic is still working and products are still being dispatched. Nevertheless, there may be delays in delivery due to the different guidelines in the destination countries. Please inform your local specialist or us if delivery is currently not possible at the originally specified delivery address.


Will delivery times change?

Our production is currently working flat out to process the orders. Due to the increasing restrictions, it cannot be ruled out that the delivery times will change in the next few days. Your local specialist will inform you if your order is affected.