ROHDE inaugurates new factory workshop

Long-established ROHDE specialised dealers and partners, customers, suppliers and friends were invited to attend the opening ceremony for the new production workshop at our site in Dyjákovice.

Suppliers and specialised dealers were able to visit the new and renovated production workshops. Production steps adapted to material flow, resulting in reduced delivery times for standard products in the toploader and frontloader range were one of the topics of conversation among ROHDE partners attending the celebration.

The workshop inauguration was celebrated with more than 200 guests. Benjamin Rohde provided insight into the site’s development and the band “Rest of Best” entertained the guests during the evening.

A highlight was Reinhard Keitel’s sculpture which was fired live, imitating the sculpture that was done for the 30th anniversary. A special kiln was put into operation on site to fire the 2.2 m sculpture. The kiln was opened and lifted from the approximately 1250°C red-hot sculpture at around 10 pm. Please visit our Facebook page to see a selection of the best photos:

Facebook production hall

Facebook fire sculpture

Click here to go to our YouTube video channel and watch preparations, firing of the sculpture and impressions of the evening:


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